The New Standard
For Heat Risk Prevention

The Heat Warning Watch Canaria ™ warns you in advance of a heat risk with its visual and audible alarm. You can then hydrate or rest in a cool place. It is a smart band that can be used continuously for up to three months.

Very easy to operate, accessible to all and already deployed on various fields, it sets a new standard in heat risk prevention.

Long Autonomy

Heat Warning Watch Canaria ™ operates continuously for up to 3 months. It does not require any recharging or pairing and was designed for intensive use with no additional cost during the hot summer season.

Integrated Heat Stock Tracker ®

At the heart of Canaria™ is the Heat Stock Tracker ®. It is an innovative sensor based on a unique technology that continuously assesses the amount of heat accumulated and dissipated by the body to evaluate a heat risk.

The Sound of the Alarm

The alarm warns you in advance of a heat risk. Designed to be immediately identified, the alarm rings around the 4kHz frequency to which humans are the most sensitive.

The name Heat Warning Watch Canaria ™ is inspired by the canary used in the coal mines. The canary accompanied miners and warned them of a poisonous gas release when its singing stopped. The canary is a precursor and a symbol of risk prevention.


Press the button until it clicks into place. The activation melody sounds. It is a single use button and activation is permanent.


The back of the device with its metal part must be in permanent contact with the skin.Wear the device on the back side of the hand.


The alarm sounds when a heat risk is identified. Even if you have no symptoms, strongly consider hydrating or cooling off.

Detachable Strap

To remove, slide the strap sideways.

To attach, slide the strap to the side up to its secured position.

Bracelet Maintenance

Wipe clean with a soft cloth. If necessary, moisten slightly with clean water.

End of Life

After use, dispose of the product in accordance with local recycling regulations.


Green light (4s.) and melody.


Alert melody (12s.)

Red light flashes as long as the heat risk is identified.

Normal situation

Green light, regular flash every 30s.

Do Not Use Anymore

Blue light, regular flash every 30s.

Battery Exhausted

No active light.

27mm (W), 13mm (H), 43mm (D)


ABS (device), Nylon 66 (Strap)

Water resistance
IP67 equivalent

Heat resistance

Vibration and shock resistance
JIS B7001

74db (+ 20%)

3 months of continuous use

Made in Japan
The bracelet is detachable.

* Heat Warning Watch Canaria is not a medical device.

* If you do not feel well, take contact with a specialist.

* The device does not have a watch function.

* The alarm volume may vary depending on the method used to calculate it.

* Protected against temporary immersion up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.

Heat Warning Watch Canaria ™ User’s Guide

* Precaution of use

– Do not pull the start button.

– The color of the product may change during use

– Avoid shocks, falls or twists which could damage the product.

– Once attached to the wrist, be careful not to hook surrounding elements as you might injure yourself.

– Do not modify, disassemble, attempt to open or change the product battery. Do not use the product outside of its intended use.

– Product life may be reduced if the alarm rings more than 90 times.

– Use the product on the wrist, on the back side of the hand. In order to achieve a better reading, as far as possible, do not cover the product with clothes.

– The waterproofness of this product is equivalent to IP67. Immersion other than in clear water may reduce the sealing performance. Sealing performance is not permanent and may be affected by conditions of use.

– A blue light is displayed when the battery level is low. Before using the product, make sure that the product is turned on (green light) and immediately stop using it when the blue light is displayed.

– The lights are sometimes difficult to read under the sun.

* Handling precaution

– Do not insert fine objects such as needles into the small holes on the surface of the device.

– Wipe the strap with a soft cloth, if necessary moisten slightly with clean water.

– Do not use alcohol or benzene when cleaning the bracelet

– Reattach the bracelet to the device once it is completely dry and after wiping it with a soft cloth.


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