A New Milestone in Heatstroke Prevention: Canaria Featured in OPPBTP Catalog


In 2021, the French Professional Organization for the Prevention of Occupational Hazards in the Construction Industry (OPPBTP) conducted a large-scale experiment involving 850 participants to test Canaria, a pioneering device for heatstroke prevention. The trial resulted in zero incidents of heatstroke, and the feedback from post-experiment surveys was overwhelmingly positive. Consequently, Canaria has been exclusively recommended in the OPPBTP catalog as a preferred solution for combating heatstroke.

The OPPBTP is an organization dedicated to promoting safety and preventing occupational accidents in the construction sector. Established by a decree from the Ministry of Labour on August 9, 1947, its mission is to enhance workplace safety and health, with the ultimate goal of eradicating occupational accidents. It provides support for activities that ensure the safety and health of workers.

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