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To Better Understand and Prevent Heat Risk

Heat risk is a growing concern due to global warming and the ageing of the population. Solutions are still underdeveloped and fail to address the problem adequately.

Based on a new patented technology, Heat Warning Watch Canaria intelligently adapts to each user and warns them in advance of a heat risk.

The alarm rings to keep you safe. You can take the right action at the right time: hydrate, cool off in the shade.




  • Activation

    Press the button until it clicks into place. The activation melody sounds. It is a single use button and activation is permanent.

  • Wearing

    The back of the device with its metal part must be in permanent contact with the skin.Wear the device on the back side of the hand.

  • Alarm

    The alarm sounds when a heat risk is identified. Even if you have no symptoms, strongly consider hydrating or cooling off.

  • Bracelet

    The bracelet is washable and removable, slide it sideways to remove or replace it

User manual: video


  • Starting up

    Green LED and melody.

  • Alarm

    Alert melody
    (12 seconds).
    Red light flashes as the heat risk is identified.

  • Normal situation

    Green light, regular flash every 30s.

  • Do Not Use Anymore

    Blue light, regular flash every 30s.

  • Battery Exhausted

    No active light.


Our Environmental Commitment

As part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy and in accordance with European regulations, Biodata Bank is fully committed to a policy of recycling the various components of its product Heat Warning Watch Canaria to limit waste and promote a circular economy.

Biodata Bank has decided to call upon state-approved organizations to ensure collection and recycling within E.U. territory. Recycling can take different forms: reuse, recycling, energy recovery or disposal (landfill or incineration).

Biodata Bank is actively committed to reducing the quantity of packaging that makes its way into the market and engages in communication to encourage responsible consumption habits by promoting sorting.


With the impact of climate change, heat waves are becoming more intense every year, and as a result, the thermal risk is increasing.
To protect against this invisible risk, there is a need for a solution that warns of the risk in a simple and effective way.
Heat Warning Watch – Canaria protects all people, children, elderly or workers, who are confronted with intense heat.
This is the mission that Biodata Bank has entrusted to Canaria.

Introduction Results

  • Workforce
  • Sports
  • Leasure
  • Children and Elderies

Since its launch in 2020, Heat warning watch has been adopted by over 1800 companies (as of January 2022).
Canaria is used effectively in a variety of heat risk situations, during professional or personal activities.
Work, sport or leisure, in various situations Canaria protects many people at risk, from children to the elderly.

User’s comments

  • The device is very light and can be used by simply putting it around the wrist, which does not hinder the work.
  • I gave it to my grandfather and he wears it both at home and when he goes out. It is a gift that also reassured me.
  • By using Canaria I became more aware of the impact of heat on my body.
  • It is good for heat stroke prevention, as I tend to forget to take a break when I concentrate.
  • The LED system that visualizes the degree of risk is very well thought out.
  • The use of Canaria greatly foster safety awareness among all our workers.



Does the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) apply when using Canaria ?


Canaria use is not subject to the GDPR. Biodata bank, the manufacturer of Canaria, does not carry out any processing of personal data by any means (collection, recording, organization, conservation, adaptation, modification, extraction, consultation, use, communication by transmission, diffusion or any other form of provision, reconciliation).


Why did the alert go off when I had no symptoms?


The alert is triggered to prevent heat stroke so you may not yet feel any symptoms at the time of the alert.
According to feedback that has been received, 70% of the alerts are triggered before any symptoms appear.
In such situations, even if you are not aware of it, your core body temperature may continue to rise. It’s therefore important to hydrate, take a break, and check your physical condition before continuing your activity.


Is it possible to change the volume and sound of the alert?


Changing the volume or sound of the alert is not possible. The alert is set to a volume and range that is easy for the human ear to hear, even outdoors or in noisy environments.


Can the product be used in a hot environment?


The product can be used in environments where the temperature is above 40°C.
It can be used up to an ambient temperature near the wrist of 80°C.
The outside temperature does not affect the operation of the device.


27 mm (W), 13 mm (T), 43 mm (L)
ABS (body), 66 Nylon (strap)
Heat resistance
Vibration and shock resistance
Alarm volume
74 dB
Battery life
3.5 months
Made in Japan

* This product is not a medical device.

* If you do not feel well, please consult a physician as soon as possible.

* This product does not have a watch function.

* The alarm volume may vary depending on the measurement method.

* The waterproof rating test consists of 30 minutes of submersion at a depth of 1 meter.

* Do not leave it in a hot vehicle.

* Do not store the product in a space subject to high heat.

Heat Warning Watch Canaria ™ User’s Guide

< At Activation >
– This product should be used only after it has been activated. When activating it, do not pull the power button or push a thin needle or any other thin object into the small hole.

< At Start of Use >
– Put the product on before starting to engage in physical activity. If it is put on after physical activity has already started, it may not be able to provide an alert of risk at the correct time.
– In order to be able to provide an alert at the right time, the sensor on the back of the product (silver part) must be in contact with the skin.
– This product should be worn on the wrist (back side that faces away from the body). In order to ensure accuracy, the product should be exposed during use. It should not be covered by clothing. Additionally, it must not be worn over clothing or on any part of the body other than the wrist.
– A blue LED will appear when the battery power is low.
Before starting to use the product, make sure that it has power. If the blue LED is displayed, stop using the product immediately.

< Operating Environment >
– Do not use in coal mines or nuclear facilities.
– The LED may be difficult to see in direct sunlight.
– The waterproof rating of this product is IP67. Immersion in any liquid other than domestic water may degrade the waterproof performance. The waterproof performance is not permanent and may degrade depending on the usage environment.
– Due to the characteristics of the material, the color of this product may fade due to moisture, perspiration, friction, sunlight, etc.
– Do not subject the product to strong impact or force, such as pulling or dropping, as this may cause deformation or damage.
– Please be careful when using the product as it may catch on or damage surrounding objects.
– If any skin problems occur around the strap area, please stop using the product immediately.
– If the product is damaged, please stop using it immediately.
– Please do not use the product in an environment that exceeds the product specifications described in this manual.

< Alarm >
– This product does not cover all possible health problems that may occur in hot weather. Regardless of whether or not the alarm is triggered, if you feel any change in your physical condition, please take a break and rehydrate. If there is no improvement, please consult a physician.
– Even if a physician provides a heat stroke diagnosis, the alarm may not be triggered due to complications or other reasons.
– Do not hold the product close to your ears when the alarm is activated to prevent hearing damage.

< Maintenance >
– When cleaning the strap, do not use benzene or alcohol.
– Do not disassemble, modify, or replace the battery.
Also, please refrain from using the product for anything other than its intended purpose.

< Storage Location >
– Do not place in a microwave oven.
– Do not leave it in a hot vehicle.

< Target Age >
– This product can be used from age 5 and over.
Children under 5 years of age should not use this product as it may be accidentally swallowed.
– Please refrain from relying on the alarm if you have difficulty hearing the alarm and taking action.



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