Introduced to Tokyo Power Technology Ltd.


Tokyo Power Technology Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the trial introduction of the “Heatstroke Prevention Watch Canary” at the decommissioning sites of the Fukushima Daiichi and Daini Nuclear Power Plants, aimed at combating heatstroke among workers wearing non-breathable protective clothing. This initiative comes in response to the increased heatstroke risk due to global warming and the challenging conditions faced by nuclear power plant workers. The Canary, which was previously set aside due to waterproofing concerns, has been recognized for its enhanced features in the 2021 model, including a waterproof function and a patented deep body temperature estimation technology. This summer, the device was introduced to improve safety measures and heatstroke prevention.

Comment from Tokyo Power Technology Co., Ltd., Nuclear Power Division, Fukushima Nuclear Business Office:
“We believe that wearing the Canary not only alerts users before heatstroke sets in but also raises constant awareness about heatstroke prevention. We expect significant contributions to team safety awareness through Canary. We are also grateful for the manufacturer’s sincere efforts in data analysis and considering additional vibration functions.”

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