Q.Does the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) apply when using Canaria ?

A.Canaria use is not subject to the GDPR. Biodata bank, the manufacturer of Canaria, does not carry out any processing of personal data by any means (collection, recording, organization, conservation, adaptation, modification, extraction, consultation, use, communication by transmission, diffusion or any other form of provision, reconciliation).

Q.At what temperature is the alert triggered?

A.Documents published by the WHO on deep body temperature agree that a health risk arises when the core temperature of the body exceeds 38°C. The alert is triggered by an algorithm based on this recommendation, as well as data collected from trials in 2019 and products sold in 2020 and onward.

Q.Why did the alert go off when I had no symptoms?

A.The alert is triggered to prevent heat stroke so you may not yet feel any symptoms at the time of the alert.
According to feedback that has been received, 70% of the alerts are triggered before any symptoms appear.
In such situations, even if you are not aware of it, your core body temperature may continue to rise. It’s therefore important to hydrate, take a break, and check your physical condition before continuing your activity.

Q.I would like to have a personalized logo on my Canaria, is it possible? If so, what is the minimum order quantity?

A.Personalized logos are not available in 2022, however we are preparing to meet this request in the future.

Q.How long can I keep the device without turning it on?

A.The waterproof packaging keeps the product protected.
Concerning the battery, information provided by the manufacturer indicates a low loss of power of a few percent per year.
Biodata bank guarantees the battery life for six months from the date of delivery.

Q.Can Canaria be worn when working with tools or machines that vibrate (e.g. a jackhammer)?

A.The product complies with the ISO 8662 vibration standard and can be used with vibrating instruments without any problems.

Q.Is it possible to change the volume and sound of the alert?

A.Changing the volume or sound of the alert is not possible. The alert is set to a volume and range that is easy for the human ear to hear, even outdoors or in noisy environments.

Q.Can Canaria be affected by the wearer’s health condition?

A.The alarm may be affected if the wearer is taking medication that alters blood pressure or if the wearer suffers from decreased blood flow in peripheral areas of the body.

Q.Is there a possibility of failure due to dust?

A.The product is IP67 compliant, which means it’s dust resistant.

Q.Is there a possibility of failure due to oil adhesion?

A.Oil resistance tests have been performed and the results have confirmed that oil does not penetrate the product.

Q.Can the product be used by people with pacemakers?

A.Canaria does not emit radio waves and can be used by people with pacemakers.

Q.What is the impact resistance?

A.Impact tests have been successfully completed. In 2021, Canaria was used in the construction sector and there was not a single case of failure due to impact.

Q.Is the product recycled?

A.Both the product and the packaging can be recycled. We have contracts and memberships with government approved companies that have collection points throughout the country.

Q.Can the product be used in a hot environment?

A.The product can be used in environments where the temperature is above 40°C.
It can be used up to an ambient temperature near the wrist of 80°C.
The outside temperature does not affect the operation of the device.

Q.How about a rechargeable battery system?

A.A rechargeable battery system is not suitable for the use of this product. The shell may be particularly stressed during use (see photo) and therefore the integrity cannot be guaranteed beyond the current period of use.
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