Terms of Service

Biodata Bank, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") stipulates the following terms concerning the provision of HEAT WARNING WATCH (hereinafter referred to as "the Product") that the Company develops, manufactures, and sells.

  • Article 1(Application of the Terms of Service)

    • The customer shall acknowledge this Terms of Service and approve the contents before using the Product.
    • The Company shall be able to change all or part of the Terms of Service by informing or notifying the customer in a way the Company deems appropriate, including posting on the website or email delivery. The Company shall not need to obtain the prior consent of the customer.
    • If all or part of the Terms of Service is changed, the Company shall provide the Product according to the amended Terms of Service, and the customer shall only comply with the amended terms.
  • Article 2(Use of the Product)

    The customer shall consent to the following regarding the use of the Product.

    • When the battery level of the Product becomes less than 48 hours, an icon will alert the customer. The Customer shall confirm that the Product is powered on in advance each time you use it. The Customer shall stop using the Product immediately if the battery level icon mentioned above comes on.
    • The description of "maximum 3 months continuous operation" about "battery life" in the Product manual, as attached to the Product, assumes that the alarm will sound 90 times or less within 3 months while the Product is active. If the alert activates more frequently, The chances are that the battery runs out of service life faster. It can occur in less than 3 months, depending on the operational environment.
    • The waterproof performance of the Product is IPX3 grade. It is safe against water spray in the range of inclination of 60 degrees. However, it is not secure against immersion beyond that range. This waterproof performance is not permanent. It may deteriorate, depending on the operational environment of the Product.
    • The Product may cease to work accurately due to a strong impact.
    • The Product shall be intended to be worn on your wrist. In order to accurately judge the alert, when wearing this Product, it shall be used with it exposed so that it is not covered with clothes.
    • The Product aims to provide the customer with information on the body temperature for reference in preventing heatstroke. Please note that the customer may suffer heatstroke even when using the Product.
    • The Product is not a medical device. Follow your doctor's diagnosis to determine whether you are developing heatstroke.
    • The manual attached to the Product specifies its performance. Depending on the operational environment, however, the described performance may not be fulfilled.
    • The customer shall not disassemble or modify the Product or replace the battery but follow the original usage.
  • Article 3(Disclaimer)

    The Customer shall use the Product at his/her own risk. The Company's liability shall be limited to the amount equivalent to the Product purchase price for any damage caused to the Customer using the Product. This provision shall apply when the Customer violates any clause of the preceding articles or resulting in the development of heatstroke or other illness for using of the Product.